Ericsson released the latest "mobile trend report", reveals the global mobile Internet users, and the latest statistics data traffic growth.With diligence and sustained and rapid growth of the mobile communication technology, the network era into a high-speed development, the report forecasts to 2022, the global mobile broadband users will, equivalent to 1 million new people every day, and the global mobile data traffic will increase as the eight times.All the 5 g of concern, it is estimated users will be more than 500 million, the population coverage of 15%.

Ericsson (Taiwan), general manager of He Keshen pointed out that the popularity of mobile devices for consumers can "online" anywhere, anytime, and need a lot of industry transformation of networking technology support, from the two big growth momentum, prompting global continues to promote the development of mobile communication technology, more let the data flow in a short span of a few years at an astonishing speed growth.All the 5 g of concern, on the other hand, technology is accelerating, including the world's leading telecommunications companies are accelerating pace layout, also actively deployed 5 g equipment and technology, and countries are also related to 5 g rules have a further discussion and planning, the age of 5 g believe is just around the corner!

The report is for the preset time has 2022 points, according to the report, the smartphone is still the main using mobile data traffic sources vehicle, there will be more than ninety percent or more of the flow from the use of smart phones, main reason is that most people surf the Internet mainly is given priority to with smartphones.Especially in North America, each smartphone flow will reach 26 gb per month, while the asia-pacific region for 12 gb.

However, Ericsson (Taiwan) technology officer Yao Dan special points out, in fact, Taiwan's mobile network data traffic is now done, according to the statistics of NCC, with only 4 g users, the current flow in each month for more than 12 gb, heavy users even more than 20 gb.From the content perspective, the biggest traffic will come from the video.2016 video data traffic is quite huge, already 8.8 exabytes (GBxGB), by 2020, however, will swell to 71 exabytes amazing traffic.

In respect of the use of mobile population distribution, Ericsson forecast of global mobile broadband will be increased by 2.6 billion, which means a day on average more than 1 million users.Further analysis, global mobile network door number now has far more than the number of users, Yao Dan specification, currently about 5.2 billion people, telecommunication users but door number more than 7.5 billion, staff more than one hand even machine phenomenon more and more common, especially in the americas, east-west regions such as the most significant, and Africa, India and other places is below average, but the future is expected to become a door number growth potential of the market.

As for the concern of 5 g, Ericsson also for its released several data statistics.According to Ericsson's forecast, to 2022, the global 5 g users is expected to exceed 500 million, not including Internet connection.At the appointed time, 5 g will hopefully cover 15% of the world's population.But each region for 5 g technology adopted are also different, forecast in North America, the use of 5 g technology accounted for will come to 25% coverage, and growth for the world's;The second is that the asia-pacific region accounted for 10%, growth momentum from the Tokyo Olympic Games will host next to unwind the games, and China has deployed actively.

In Europe, but surprisingly, widespread utilization rate is low, in Western Europe accounted for slightly high utilization rate to 5%, Yao Dan explain, perhaps because of differences in living environment, Europe is for 5 g technology using reaction is low.